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“I have been working with Angela for years and absolutely love going to her! She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough- and had come recommended to me initially by one of my best friends who went to school with her. I typically see her for general well being and health, but last year when I had bursitis and tendonitis in my right hip, her treatments was the ONLY thing, after 5 weeks of struggling in pain and limping around, that eliminated the pain, within 1 session! Angela is one of the nicest people, and really cares to take the time and focus on your personal health and experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone- for specific conditions, or just recalibrate your body and energy in general.”
— MB


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Angela speaks on a variety of health topics, including:

Mindset Mastery/Subconscious Transformation

Maintaining a Strong Immune System for Life

Changing Health Habits When You Have No Idea How to Do It

Self Confidence and Personal Empowerment

Strategies for Eating Clean


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"“It’s so refreshing to have a healthcare provider who will sit with you and really listen to what you have going on. Angela is an extremely thoughtful person and puts me at ease with every visit. I see Angela for general health maintenance, but I also have occasional shortness of breath. Angela will put pressure on my diaphragm and it will feel very tender and painful, but when the time comes to remove the needles the pain is gone and in place there’s a lightness in my breathing. Angela’s office is also a very calming atmosphere where some downtime becomes a welcome and much needed treat. My time with Angela serves as a reminder to slow down and enjoy life. I’m always surprised by how great I feel after a treatment. I feel like I’m floating down the street. Many thanks to Angela for being a truly caring partner in my health and happiness.” — EA "

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